Forklift Parts Sections 

All Major Brands

We have an impressive collection of specialized forklift parts for all your forklift needs. We also offer used products for sale at reduced prices. We offer only the highest quality products, because our customers need the best. Some of our favorite products include cooling, filters & accessories, engine , and many more. we have a whole range of top brands. Take a look at our catalogue in order to get a better understanding of our full range of products.

Cooling System

Radiators, Fans ,Water Hoses, Water Pumps, Thermostats, Thermostat Housings & Fan Cowlings.

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DP Filters & Accesories.png

Filters & Accessories 

Filters, Prime Pumps, Filter Rubbers & Hoses, Filter Housings, Service Kits.

Engine Parts

Ring Gear, Pulleys, Pistons, Big End Bearings, Small End Bearings, Main Bearings, Complete Gasket Sets, Sleeves, Injectors, Carburetors, and many more.

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Hydraulic Pump & Valves

Steering Orbitrol, Valve Bank Seal Kit, Hydraulic Pump, Charge Pump, Hydraulic Pump Seal Kit.

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DP Brake System.png

Brake System

Drums, Spring Kit, Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder, Master Cylinder Seals, Slave Cylinder Seals, Side Shaft Seals, Hub Seals.


Starter Motor, Alternator, Starter Relay, Strobe Light, Hooter, Hour Meters.

DP Electrical.png

Body & Frame

Radiators Cover, Head Lights, Tail Lights, Transmission Mountings, Engine Mountings, Seat, Pedal Rubbers, Bonnet Shocks, Forward & Reverse Switch, Covers.

DP Body & Frame.png
DP Transmission & Diff.png

Transmission & Diff 

Propeller Shaft, Diff Seal, Hub Bearings, Wheel Studs, Gasket Sets, Solenoids, Clutch Pistons, Strainer, Friction Plates, Clutch Drum Assembly.


Side Shift Wear Pads, Anchor Bushes, Tilt Cylinder Seal Kits, Lift Cylinder Seal Kits, Side Shift Seal Kits, Chains, Bearings, Forks, Side Shifts.

DP Mast.png


Accelerator, Hand Brake, Clutch, Brake, Inching.

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DP Rims & Tyres.png

Rims & Tyres 

3Piece Rims, Split Rims, Solid Tyres, Pneumatic Tyres

Dirker Attachments

Forward Bin Tipper, Timber Grab, Sugar Cane Grab, Forklift Bucket, Air Tines, Paper Roll Clamp.

DP- Attachments.png